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Back Track

 Sometimes you have to try things to see if they work. And the point comes when you realise they don’t work and you backtrack and end up on familiar ground again which makes you feel all cosy and warm, like you’ve come home after a particularly bumpy journey. That’s what’s been happening. And that is why I am returned to ‘Oh, My Days!’ If anyone is still here…they might not be…in which case I am shouting into the lone void. But it’ll be a lone void that keeps me entertained. And I’ll be able to say what I like because I shan’t be offended. Anyway, last Wednesday his Lordship Malarkey and I took Nellibobs the Cockapoo to the Pets At Home Groom Room for an all over spruce up and full clip. Now she has her adult coat we need to have her clipped every 8-10 weeks or she’ll turn into a felted door mat of a creature, which won’t be nice at all. We dropped her off at lunchtime for her 2 hour appointment, and hied ourselves off for a spot of lunch. So far, so good. Half an hour later, we receiv
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  I was going to wait until tomorrow to launch the ‘Hallo Tarot!’ website, what with tomorrow being 1st July and, therefore, a nice tidy date for a beginning. But this afternoon, I became involved in a flurry of final tidy loose ends activity, and thus ended up cracking the metaphorical bottle of champagne against the ship of which I am Captain and whoosh! Off she went into the World Wide Web!  You can find it here : The blog is moving there, too, so unless things go horribly wrong, this will be the last entry here.  I hope to see you on the other side then! Let me know what you think. 


 Remember the King Charles III rose bush I bought in celebration of the Coronation back in April? Well, it has produced its first bloom! The bush is putting on some good growth and there could be another two or three blooms before the end of the year. It smells lovely, too. I never saw the point in a rose that had no scent.  The ‘Hallo Tarot!’ website is almost complete! Just a few more tweaks to make and then I hope to press the launch button at some time over the weekend. I realise that I shall probably want to make changes during the following weeks, but sitting on it and faffing around with it in the pursuit of perfection seems a waste of time. I won’t know how practical it is unless it’s ‘live’ so there’s no point in waiting. Today, the moment arrived in the design process that I’ve been least looking forward to, and that was the Taking of Photos of Me. I’ve never been fully confident in how I look and whilst I realise I am a generally decent-looking sort of person, I’m still neve

It’s the Little Things

 How lovely is this? It’s a new giclée print for my office, from TatiMagic Art on Etsy. I love making purchases from Etsy. There are some wonderful artists, makers and creative bods there. You find unique pieces you wouldn’t find in your bog standard shops AND you are supporting talented people in their business ventures. This Tarot Cat (his name is Mr Fantabulo!) is A4 in size, and I shall be taking it to the framer in town to have it properly framed. I think I might hang it on the door of my office. Just so people who enter therein know what they are getting!  The other lovely thing about buying on Etsy is that the seller quite often adds little extras to your order. Mostly it is in the form of a hand written ‘Thank you for supporting my business’ type note. But this one arrived yesterday with a little bonus print… And a very good quality bookmark… How sweet is that? It’s the sort of personal touch which makes me more inclined to return to the seller. I’m still busy building the Hall

Nell, the Driveway, the Car and the Blackbird (a particularly bad film title)

 Nell is doing well following her spay operation. She is still clacking around in her buster collar, having accepted it as a new fashion accessory and weapon of destruction. Her surgery wound looks neat and clean and she has her energy back, although she is still careful when climbing on and off the sofa. Yesterday, I attached her to her long lead which is fixed to the washing line, so she could pootle around the garden as she was clearly growing bored with having to walk around attached to me by her lead.  The landscape surveyor appeared yesterday morning to make final measurements and undertake other important landscape stuff prior to us having our driveway block paved and the new fencing and gates installed. He was a nice chap - told me lots about his rescue Staffies. Hopefully, the work will start sometime in July. It will be disruptive for around a week but then these major building things usually are. But I am braced and ready, and keep telling myself it will look lovely when it’

Ye Gods…

  Here’s the thing: I am a terrible nurse, and this comes from being a terrible patient. I don’t like being unwell. It irks me. It stops me doing what I want to do when I want to do it, and therefore I avoid being ill as much as humanly possible. I get grumpy with myself if I am ever unwell. Unfortunately, this in turn makes me intolerant of illness in others, especially when I think ‘You could do something about your unwellness yourself and it is my opinion you are being awkward, nay bloody-minded, in not doing so.’  In my defence, however, I have all the time in the world for people who grab their unwellness by the throat and shake it until it surrenders. I am there, on the sidelines, shouting, ‘Keeping drinking the water! Keep moving! Distract yourself with something active or intellectual!’ I’ll 100% actively support people who need help, but the lead-swingers? Nah. I think this comes from being brought up in a household where illness was shrugged off with a dose of Lucozade and th

What’s It Worth?

 Poor little Nellibobs. Off she went today, with Andy, having spent the first hour of the day snuffling around the garden after squirrels, playing frisbee, and getting herself covered in sticky weed. (Have you ever tried to remove sticky weed from the fur of a cockerpoo? Takes the patience of a saint, especially if the cockerpoo has no patience herself.) And the next thing she knows… She’s being prepped for surgery and then she’s had surgery and now feels like a pile of poo. Yup, she’s been spayed. She FaceTimed me at lunchtime to tell me how pants she was feeling, but that she had been very good having her anaesthetic and she’d woken up quickly afterwards, but she was very dribbly because she felt totally nauseous with it all. Poor little sausage. How do you explain that it’s all worth it for the benefits she’ll receive? Lots of healing cuddles and toast for her this evening.  I made the most of being puppy-free today by firstly rearranging my office. My monstera plant is getting out